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BPASPolynomial Class Reference
A child class of BPASPolynomial implements a polynomial ring. At this level, the type of the coefficients and the number of variables are unspecified. Hence, the only member functions deal with assignment, stream writing and arithmetic operations. Those latter include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, exact division, exponentiation and equality test. Note that for the first four arithmetic operations, in-place versions are provided.
Inheritance diagram for BPASPolynomial:
BPASRing BPASMultivariatePolynomial BPASUnivariatePolynomial DistributedDenseMultivariateModularPolynomial< Field > SmallPrimeFieldDistributedDenseMultivariateModularPolynomial SparseMultivariatePolynomial< Ring > SparseMultivariateRationalPolynomial DenseUnivariateIntegerPolynomial DenseUnivariateRationalPolynomial SparseUnivariatePolynomial< Ring >

Public Member Functions

BPASPolynomialoperator= (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator+ (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator+= (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator- (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator- ()
BPASPolynomialoperator-= (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator* (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator*= (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator/ (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator/= (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator^ (int)
bool operator== (BPASPolynomial &)
bool operator!= (BPASPolynomial &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BPASRing
virtual bool isZero ()=0
virtual void zero ()=0
virtual bool isOne ()=0
virtual void one ()=0
virtual bool isNegativeOne ()=0
virtual void negativeOne ()=0
virtual int isConstant ()=0


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, BPASPolynomial &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from BPASRing
static int characteristic
static bool isPrimeField
static bool isComplexField

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