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BPASRing Class Referenceabstract
A child class of BPASRing implements a ring structure in the sense of commutative algebra. Note that addition and multiplication are not declared in BPASRing for compilation reasons. Indeed, the BPAS Integer and RationalNumber concrete classes already inherit those operations from the GMP library.
Inheritance diagram for BPASRing:
BPASField BPASPolynomial Integer RationalNumber BPASRationalFunction ComplexRationalNumber BPASMultivariatePolynomial BPASUnivariatePolynomial UnivariateRationalFunction< UnivariatePolynomialOverField, Field > DistributedDenseMultivariateModularPolynomial< Field > SmallPrimeFieldDistributedDenseMultivariateModularPolynomial SparseMultivariatePolynomial< Ring > SparseMultivariateRationalPolynomial DenseUnivariateIntegerPolynomial DenseUnivariateRationalPolynomial SparseUnivariatePolynomial< Ring >

Public Member Functions

virtual bool isZero ()=0
virtual void zero ()=0
virtual bool isOne ()=0
virtual void one ()=0
virtual bool isNegativeOne ()=0
virtual void negativeOne ()=0
virtual int isConstant ()=0

Static Public Attributes

static int characteristic
static bool isPrimeField
static bool isComplexField

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