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BPASUnivariatePolynomial Class Referenceabstract
A child class of BPASUnivariatePolynomial inherits from BPASPolynomial. Moreover, it implements a univariate polynomial ring in which a notion of Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) makes sense. Arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, exact division) can take a polynomial and a coefficient as input arguments. Arithmetic operations also include shift left and shift right (that is, multiplication or division by a power of the variable) as well as divisions (monic, pseudo and lazy), differentiation, evaluation, GCD computation and square-free factorization. One can query the degree, the leading coefficient, the coefficient of a prescribed monomial, the variable name, the content of a polynomial.
Inheritance diagram for BPASUnivariatePolynomial:
BPASPolynomial BPASRing DenseUnivariateIntegerPolynomial DenseUnivariateRationalPolynomial SparseUnivariatePolynomial< Ring >

Public Member Functions

BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator+ (DataType)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator+= (DataType)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator- (DataType)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator-= (DataType)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator* (DataType)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator*= (DataType)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator/ (DataType)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator/= (DataType)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator<< (int)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator<<= (int)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator>> (int)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialoperator>>= (int)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialmonicDivide (BPASUnivariatePolynomial &)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialmonicDivide (BPASUnivariatePolynomial &, BPASUnivariatePolynomial *)
BPASUnivariatePolynomiallazyPseudoDivide (BPASUnivariatePolynomial &, DataType *, DataType *)
BPASUnivariatePolynomiallazyPseudoDivide (BPASUnivariatePolynomial &, BPASUnivariatePolynomial *, DataType *, DataType *)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialpseudoDivide (BPASUnivariatePolynomial &, DataType *)
BPASUnivariatePolynomialpseudoDivide (BPASUnivariatePolynomial &, BPASUnivariatePolynomial *, DataType *)
virtual void differentiate (int)=0
DataType content ()
BPASUnivariatePolynomialgcd (BPASUnivariatePolynomial &)
< BPASUnivariatePolynomial & > 
squareFree ()
virtual int degree ()=0
DataType leadingCoefficient ()
DataType coefficient (int)
void setCoefficient (int, DataType)
virtual void setVariableName (std::string)=0
virtual std::string variable ()=0
virtual bool isTrailingCoefficientZero ()=0
DataType evaluate (DataType)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BPASPolynomial
BPASPolynomialoperator= (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator+ (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator+= (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator- (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator- ()
BPASPolynomialoperator-= (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator* (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator*= (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator/ (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator/= (BPASPolynomial &)
BPASPolynomialoperator^ (int)
bool operator== (BPASPolynomial &)
bool operator!= (BPASPolynomial &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BPASRing
virtual bool isZero ()=0
virtual void zero ()=0
virtual bool isOne ()=0
virtual void one ()=0
virtual bool isNegativeOne ()=0
virtual void negativeOne ()=0
virtual int isConstant ()=0

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from BPASRing
static int characteristic
static bool isPrimeField
static bool isComplexField

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