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SmallPrimeField Class Reference

A prime field whose prime is 32 bits or less. More...

#include <SmallPrimeField.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 SmallPrimeField (long long int _a)
 SmallPrimeField (const SmallPrimeField &c)
 SmallPrimeField (const Integer &c)
 SmallPrimeField (const RationalNumber &c)
 SmallPrimeField (const ComplexRationalNumber &c)
 SmallPrimeField (const BigPrimeField &c)
 SmallPrimeField (const GeneralizedFermatPrimeField &c)
 SmallPrimeField (const DenseUnivariateIntegerPolynomial &c)
 SmallPrimeField (const DenseUnivariateRationalPolynomial &c)
 SmallPrimeField (const SparseUnivariatePolynomial< Integer > &c)
 SmallPrimeField (const SparseUnivariatePolynomial< RationalNumber > &c)
 SmallPrimeField (const SparseUnivariatePolynomial< ComplexRationalNumber > &c)
template<class Ring >
 SmallPrimeField (const SparseUnivariatePolynomial< Ring > &c)
SmallPrimeFieldSPFpointer (SmallPrimeField *b)
SmallPrimeFieldSPFpointer (RationalNumber *a)
SmallPrimeFieldSPFpointer (BigPrimeField *a)
SmallPrimeFieldSPFpointer (GeneralizedFermatPrimeField *a)
long long int number () const
void whichprimefield ()
mpz_class getCharacteristic () const override
 The characteristic of this ring class.
long long int Prime ()
SmallPrimeFieldoperator= (const SmallPrimeField &c)
 Copy assignment.
SmallPrimeFieldoperator= (long long int k)
SmallPrimeField findPrimitiveRootOfUnity (long int n) const
bool isZero () const
 Determine if *this ring element is zero, that is the additive identity. More...
void zero ()
 Make *this ring element zero.
bool isOne () const
 Determine if *this ring element is one, that is the multiplication identity. More...
void one ()
 Make *this ring element one.
bool isNegativeOne ()
void negativeOne ()
int isConstant ()
SmallPrimeField unitCanonical (SmallPrimeField *u=NULL, SmallPrimeField *v=NULL) const
 Obtain the unit normal (a.k.a canonical associate) of an element. More...
SmallPrimeField operator+ (const SmallPrimeField &c) const
SmallPrimeField operator+ (const long long int &c) const
SmallPrimeField operator+ (const int &c) const
SmallPrimeField operator+= (const long long int &c)
SmallPrimeFieldoperator+= (const SmallPrimeField &c)
 Addition assignment.
SmallPrimeField operator- (const SmallPrimeField &c) const
SmallPrimeField operator- (const long long int &c) const
SmallPrimeField operator-= (const long long int &c)
SmallPrimeFieldoperator-= (const SmallPrimeField &c)
 Subtraction assignment.
SmallPrimeField operator- () const
SmallPrimeField operator* (const SmallPrimeField &c) const
SmallPrimeField operator* (long long int c) const
SmallPrimeFieldoperator*= (const SmallPrimeField &c)
 Multiplication assignment.
long long int * pinverse ()
SmallPrimeField inverse () const
 Get the inverse of *this. More...
SmallPrimeField inverse2 ()
SmallPrimeField operator^ (long long int e) const
SmallPrimeFieldoperator^= (long long int e)
 Exponentiation assignment.
bool operator== (const SmallPrimeField &c) const
 Equality test,. More...
bool operator== (long long int k) const
bool operator!= (const SmallPrimeField &c) const
 Inequality test,. More...
bool operator!= (long long int k) const
ExpressionTree convertToExpressionTree () const
 Convert this to an expression tree. More...
SmallPrimeField operator/ (const SmallPrimeField &c) const
 Exact division. More...
SmallPrimeField operator/ (long long int c) const
SmallPrimeFieldoperator/= (const SmallPrimeField &c)
 Exact division assignment. More...
SmallPrimeField operator% (const SmallPrimeField &c) const
 Get the remainder of *this and b;. More...
SmallPrimeFieldoperator%= (const SmallPrimeField &c)
 Assign *this to be the remainder of *this and b. More...
SmallPrimeField gcd (const SmallPrimeField &other) const
 Get GCD of *this and other. More...
Factors< SmallPrimeFieldsquareFree () const
 Compute squarefree factorization of *this.
Integer euclideanSize () const
 Get the euclidean size of *this.
SmallPrimeField euclideanDivision (const SmallPrimeField &b, SmallPrimeField *q=NULL) const
 Perform the eucldiean division of *this and b. More...
SmallPrimeField extendedEuclidean (const SmallPrimeField &b, SmallPrimeField *s=NULL, SmallPrimeField *t=NULL) const
 Perform the extended euclidean division on *this and b. More...
SmallPrimeField quotient (const SmallPrimeField &b) const
 Get the quotient of *this and b.
SmallPrimeField remainder (const SmallPrimeField &b) const
 Get the remainder of *this and b.

Static Public Member Functions

static void setPrime (long long int p)
static SmallPrimeField findPrimitiveRootofUnity (long long int n)
static long long int Mont (long long int b, long long int c)
static long long int getRsquare ()

Static Public Attributes

static mpz_class characteristic

Detailed Description

A prime field whose prime is 32 bits or less.

Elements of this field are encoded using montgomery trick.

Member Function Documentation

◆ convertToExpressionTree()

ExpressionTree SmallPrimeField::convertToExpressionTree ( ) const

Convert this to an expression tree.

returns an expression tree describing *this.

Implements ExpressionTreeConvert.

◆ euclideanDivision()

SmallPrimeField SmallPrimeField::euclideanDivision ( const SmallPrimeField b,
SmallPrimeField q = NULL 
) const

Perform the eucldiean division of *this and b.

Returns the remainder. If q is not NULL, then returns the quotient in q.

Implements BPASEuclideanDomain< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ extendedEuclidean()

SmallPrimeField SmallPrimeField::extendedEuclidean ( const SmallPrimeField b,
SmallPrimeField s = NULL,
SmallPrimeField t = NULL 
) const

Perform the extended euclidean division on *this and b.

Returns the GCD. If s and t are not NULL, returns the bezout coefficients in them.

Implements BPASEuclideanDomain< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ gcd()

SmallPrimeField SmallPrimeField::gcd ( const SmallPrimeField other) const

Get GCD of *this and other.

otherthe other element to get a gcd with.
the gcd.

Implements BPASGCDDomain< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ inverse()

SmallPrimeField SmallPrimeField::inverse ( ) const

Get the inverse of *this.

the inverse

Implements BPASField< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ isOne()

bool SmallPrimeField::isOne ( ) const

Determine if *this ring element is one, that is the multiplication identity.

returns true iff *this is one.

Implements BPASRing< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ isZero()

bool SmallPrimeField::isZero ( ) const

Determine if *this ring element is zero, that is the additive identity.

returns true iff *this is zero.

Implements BPASRing< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ operator!=()

bool SmallPrimeField::operator!= ( const SmallPrimeField ) const

Inequality test,.

returns true iff not equal.

Implements BPASRing< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ operator%()

SmallPrimeField SmallPrimeField::operator% ( const SmallPrimeField b) const

Get the remainder of *this and b;.

bthe divisor
the remainder

Implements BPASEuclideanDomain< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ operator%=()

SmallPrimeField& SmallPrimeField::operator%= ( const SmallPrimeField b)

Assign *this to be the remainder of *this and b.

bthe divisor
this after assignment.

Implements BPASEuclideanDomain< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ operator/()

SmallPrimeField SmallPrimeField::operator/ ( const SmallPrimeField d) const

Exact division.

dthe divisor.
the equotient.

Implements BPASIntegralDomain< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ operator/=()

SmallPrimeField& SmallPrimeField::operator/= ( const SmallPrimeField d)

Exact division assignment.

dthe divisor.
a reference to this after assignment.

Implements BPASIntegralDomain< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ operator==()

bool SmallPrimeField::operator== ( const SmallPrimeField ) const

Equality test,.

returns true iff equal

Implements BPASRing< SmallPrimeField >.

◆ unitCanonical()

SmallPrimeField SmallPrimeField::unitCanonical ( SmallPrimeField u = NULL,
SmallPrimeField v = NULL 
) const

Obtain the unit normal (a.k.a canonical associate) of an element.

If either parameters u, v, are non-NULL then the units are returned such that b = ua, v = u^-1. Where b is the unit normal of a, and is the returned value.

Implements BPASRing< SmallPrimeField >.

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