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Mohammadali Asadi
Alex Brandt
Changbo Chen
Svyatoslav Covanov
Mahsa Kazemi
Farnam Mansouri
Davood Mohajerani
Robert Moir
Marc Moreno Maza
Delaram Talaashrafi
Linxiao Wang
Ning Xie
Yuzhen Xie

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Other projects

The BPAS library is intended to interact with the CUMODP library which combines serial C code and multithreaded CUDA code. However, each of the BPAS library and CUMODP library can operate independently of each other. Additionally, the BPAS library can cooperate with an OpenMP library supported by our MetaFork framework, which can perform automatic translation between the two libraries as well as conversions to C/C++.

ORCCA Lab, Department of Computer Science, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B7